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This page lists websites that you may find useful for your work or research activities on neglected and underutilised crops (NUS).  Please contact us if you would like to suggest a useful link to be included here.

Blogs and organisations
Association for African Medicinal Plants Standards (AAMPS) – An association dedicated to the preparation of technical specifications and quality control standards for African medicinal plants and herbal medicines.
Australian New Crops Website – This website provides information about individual plant species and advice about the process of new crop commercialization in Australia.
Bioversity NUS Community - A project website on neglected and underutilised species by Bioversity International.
Crop-Innovation - An organisation based at universities of Bath and Warwick, aimed to promote underutilised crops by conducting demand-driven research, sourcing potential funds, raising awareness and managing information networks.
Eat The Weeds by Green Deane. Search for more than 1000 wild edible plants on this website.
Frieda’s – A company introduces unusual and exotic fruits and vegetables in supermarket produce departments across North America.
Fundacion Proinpa - This organisation promotes the conservation and sustainable use of genetic resources of Bolivia.
NewCROP – the New Crop Resource Online Program - This website developed by the Center for New Crops & Plant Products, Purdue University aims to provide information on new and specialty crops.
New Agriculturist – Special issues on Neglected species & Underutilised crops.
Plant Resources of South-East Asia (PROSEA) – A programme that aims to document information on plant genetic resources in South-East Asia.
Plant Resources of Tropical Africa (PROTA) – A foundation that intends to synthesise the dispersed information of useful plants in tropical Africa.
Amaranth Institute - An organisation aims to facilitate information exchange of amaranth.
Andean Crops and Perennial Brassicas - Frank Van Keirsbilck’s vegetable garden on the cultivation of Andean crops and perennial Brassicas in Belgium.
International Network for Edible Aroids (INEA) - A global consortium that works on Colocasia and Xanthosoma.
Mangosteen - A collection of information on mangosteen.
Maya Nut Institute - A charity promoting and facilitating the use of Maya nuts (Brosimum alicastrum).
Moringanews - This website offers information on Moringa.
Oca - Ian Pearson’s blog on growing oca in the UK.
Oca and Other Minor Roots - Owen Smith’s blog RADIX on the cultivation of oca and other minor roots in the UK.
The Breadfruit Institute - This institute founded at the National Tropical Botanical Garden in Hawaii to promote the conservation and use of breadfruit for food and reforestation.
CropSearch Database, Purdue University - A collection of crop monographs compiled by the Center for New Crops & Plant Products of Purdue University.
Ecocrop – A database which acts as a tool to identify plant species for given environments and uses.
EcoPort – This Ecology Portal is a wiki and database that enables individuals and institutions to pool their expertise that relates to ecology.
E-PROSEA - A database of plant genetic resources of South-East Asia.
Feedipedia - An on-line encyclopedia of animal feeds.
Food Plants International - A database of useful information on over 18,000 edible food plants.
Compendium of Invasive Species (CABI) - many of which result from the introduction of “promising” species.
GRIN Taxonomy for Plants - A database that provides taxonomic information on cultivated plants in the USDA-ARS Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN).
Multilingual Multiscript Plant Name Database - Extensive database of common names of useful plants in many languages and different scripts.
PENSOFT Taxon Profile - An aggregator that gathers information on taxon from different resources.
New World Fruits Database - Compilation of species used for their edible fruits in North and South America.
PlantZAfrica.com - This site provides information for plants native to southern Africa.
PROTA4U - A database of plants used by people in tropical Africa.
Tropical Fruit Database - A database of tropical fruits developed by Trade Winds Fruit.
Useful Plants of the Mediterranean Region Network (MEDUSA) - The MEDUSA database contains information collected by scientists around the Mediterranean region supplemented by information from the scientific literature. Click onto the “query” tab to enter the database.
ICTs for scientists
Web and emerging technology resources for scientists - a collection of various Web tools which are useful for scientists, by Oregon State University.
Nutrition and culinary uses
International Network of Food Data Systems (INFOODS) - A global portal for food composition and analysis.
Slow Food - An international movement promotes an alternative to fast food and to preserve traditional and regional cuisine.
Terra Madre - A network of food communities that support sustainable food production method.
The Botanist in the Kitchen – where botany meets the cutting board.
Seed sources
Arche Noah, Austria - Preserves and cultivates endangered vegetable, fruit and grain diversity in Central Europe.
Kokopelli, France - The association offers seeds from a wide variety of vegetables, grain, medicinal, culinary and ornamental plants.
Landsendt, Plant shop & catalogue, New Zealand - They mail and deliver order plants around New Zealand.
Mudas Frutabella (Brazil) – Large selection of fruit species and useful palms.
Seedsavers - The network is established to preserve local varieties of useful plants in Australia. Its local seed networks facilitate members to exchange seeds and planting materials.
Top Tropicals, USA - This online store offers unusual and special plants to be shipped around USA.
World Food Garden - A global portal for information on seed sources (emphasis on “heirloom varieties” in North America), seed swapping and gardening techniques.