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13 May 2011
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For applicants from Ethiopia, Malawi, Mozambique, Kenya.

Dates and venue: August 29th – September 2nd,  2011 Lilongwe, Malawi
Deadline for application: June 3rd, 2011
More information here: Proposal Writing Training Course Malawi 2011
Application form: Application Form Proposal Writing Malawi 2011

6 Responses so far.

  1. paul says:

    Dear Victor,

    See the message above from Ewa. Unfortunately Swaziland is not amongst the target countries.
    We take your point, which is very important to us.

  2. Victor D Shongwe says:

    Thank you for such an invaluable initiative. I am keenly interested in participating however the bottleneck is that my country, Swaziland is not in the list you have preferred. Is it still possible for me to apply?

  3. Ewa says:

    These training courses are organized within the framework of an EU-ACP project that targets five countries in West Africa (Benin, Ghana, Mali, Nigeria and Senegal) and another five in Eastern/Southern Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique and Uganda). Hopefully, similar opportunities will arise for young scientists in other countries as well in the future.

  4. Cathrine says:

    This is a plausible course. Please let me know if opportunity arises for applicants from Zimbabwe. Keep up the good work for Africa.

  5. bishwas says:

    its a great job but missing the other who want to participate and do not belong to other country, like poor asian country.

  6. Benard Langat says:

    This is wonderful I am impressed by the vision and mission of your organization. Keep it up good work. Africa will never remain the same.

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