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03 December 2010
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From an article appearing on Bioversity International web site

Minor millets [ little millet (Panicum sumatrense), finger millet (Eleusine coracana) and foxtail millet (Setaria italica) ] are providing opportunities for resource poor farmers in India allowing adaptation options, better income and nutrition patterns.

Read about it here: Newly published research papers reveal the potential of minor millets to improve people’s lives in southern India

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  1. Akum George says:

    One of the crops for the future is Moringa oleifera but unfortunately very little is said about this miraculous plant in your publications.
    This plant is very common in West Africa but not in Cameroon and the rest of Central Africa.We are trying to see how we can vulgarize the cultivation and consumption of this crop in this region.We want that you help us to locate where we can have a good supply of improved seeds for our potential farmers.
    There is a lot of literature on this plant at the web site

    • paul says:

      Dear George,

      Though not a minor millet and therefore out of topic if related to this post, Moringa is the miracle tree and as for many other under-utilised and under-investigated or neglected, literature and references are quite scarce.
      We will make a link to Moringanews on this web page (http://www.cropsforthefuture.org/further-reading/networks/)
      For locating seeds and on the ground opportunities to develop Moringa cultivation in the area you are mentioning I would ask the readers of Moringanews web site.

      Another resource you might want to check is this radio interview (http://www.agfax.net/radio/detail.php?i=283) and hear what Amaglo Newton has to say about it

      Good luck and please share with us all any progress.

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